Current Residents

This page is  a collection of useful tips and resources for current residents. Please contact if you have additional content or questions.

New to the Neighborhood?

  1. Visit Montgomery County Board of Elections (Register to Vote)
  2. Join the Historic Society
  3. Install the “Dayton Delivers” Customer Service App

National Registry of Historic Places
Saint Anne’s Hill Historic District (added 1986 – Montgomery County – #86001214)
See Also: Bossler House, Marcus House
Roughly bounded by Fourth, McClure, Josie, and High and Dutoit Sts. (500 acres, 315 buildings)
Architectural Style: Romanesque, Queen Anne, Second Empire, Folk Victorian, American Foursquare
Period of Significance: 1900-1924, 1875-1899, 1850-1874

Building Standards:
Basic historic district style and construction standards are contained in the Dayton Blueprint for Rehabilitation -aka- “blue book”. Major modifications or demolition to buildings in historic districts must be coordinated through the Dayton Planning Division and Landmarks Commision.

National Register Documents: filed with the City of Dayton
Property construction dates: filed with the City of Dayton
City Zoning Documents: Planning Division’s Zoning Code and Map

Preservation Dayton for some additional help, hints, and resources.
Home & Property Information
Local Schools

Trash & Recycling:

  • Trash collection is every week, recycling is collected every other week. (see city schedule)
  • City ordinance requires cans to be set 10′ back from the public right away or within a trash enclosure.
  • Free Green Debris drop off site on Wagner Ford

The neighborhood group email guidelines can be found here.