Neighborhood Historic Society

St. Anne’s Hill Historic Society

The purpose of the SAH Historic Society is to unite those interested in the preservation, restoration, and improvement of an area in the southeast portion of Dayton, Ohio as a historic district.
We encourage everyone in the neighborhood to get involved.
Check out the latest St Anne’s Hill Newsletter ‘Pulse of the Hill’ for the list of current board members and chairpersons

St. Anne’s Hill
Monthly Neighborhood Meetings

First Tuesday of Every Month at 7PM

Contact for location information

Bylaws and Duties of the Board

St. Annes Hill Bylaws and Duties of the Board (Last Updated 2023): Click Here


Come to our next General Membership Meeting or click here if you are interested in becoming a member of the St. Anne’s Hill Historic Society.
Membership in SAHHS is only $10.00 per year! This provides access to the neighborhood directory/email list and collected funds are used for community events, socials, and promotions.
Volunteers and donations are always appreciated!

The St. Anne’s Hill neighborhood relies on the efforts of the volunteers in St. Anne’s Hill Historic Society, its residents and the community to ensure its continued success and growth.  The St. Anne’s Hill Historic Society is a tax exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Contact Us For Volunteer Opportunities